Ed Sheeran Says 'Turbulent Things' In Personal Life Led To Instagram Break

Photo: Getty Images

Ed Sheeran has returned to Instagram after a two-month break from the social media app. The singer used his first post to share a video of himself opening up about his personal life and how it led to the break. "I realize I haven't been that engaged in my social media or my fan base online over the last couple of years," he said before joking that the things being posted on his Instagram have got "a bit boring."

He went on to reveal the reason he made the video message. "To be totally honest, I've had some turbulent things happening in my personal life so I just didn't really feel like being online and pretending to be something I'm not."

Sheeran continued," Hence, I'm making this video to say things are looking up and I'm back online, adding a bit awkwardly that, "Weird sh-- is gonna start being posted here." The singer hilariously admitted, "I've made this video like 50 f---ing times. I'm not making another," before ending the video. The honest video's caption simply read, "Back in the bitz."

As fans wait for more social media content from Sheeran, they took to the comments section to share supportive messages. "We don't care how often you post Ed. We just care that it is actually you when you do. Even if that means once a month or less," one fan reassured him. "It does not sound weird at all!" another fan commented. "People tend to forget that artists, celebrities, famous people are human beings just like them. Everyone has ups and downs Ed! Sh-t happens to us all… glad you took your time to go through what you had to go through."

Sheeran's loving fans will get to support him in person when he embarks on his first North American tour in five years this spring.

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