Must-See Female Artists on Ultra Miami’s Lineup

Written By: Kennedy Cymerman

Calling all Electronic Dance Music fans! Mark your calendars because the world’s premier electronic music festival Ultra Miami is right around the corner. On March 24th-26th, over 150,000 dance music lovers will reunite for this year’s rendition and revel in their immense passion for EDM. Hosted in Bayfront Park with the stunning Miami skyline set as the backdrop, Ultra attendees are treated to the full city festival experience. What was once a “little concert on the beach” more than 20 years ago, is now an annual pilgrimage for dance music fans across the globe.

With over 100 captivating artists on the lineup, each with their own eclectic sound, there’s a little something for every festival-goer. Ultra Miami attracts the most sought-after DJs from around the world, and this year’s headliners are no exception. Big names such as Swedish House Mafia, Martin Garrix, Zedd and REZZ are set to take one of dance music’s biggest festival stages. In celebration of Women’s History Month in March, we highlighted six must-see female artists on Ultra’s lineup.


Only 27 years young, Isabelle Rezazadeh aka REZZ is a Canadian DJ/Producer

who’s been hypnotizing her listeners since 2015. Also known as “Space Mom,” she is a self-taught musician who began producing music in her Niagara Falls home. Oozing originality from head to toe, REZZ caters a distinct sound that incorporates a bass-heavy backbone topped with atmospheric soundscapes. On stage, she flaunts her iconic trippy goggles which have played a huge role in her brand. As an inspiration to all women in the music industry, she was featured in a documentary titled “Underplayed” which presents the ongoing challenges female DJs face in dance music. A master of crafting genre-bending pieces, REZZ has solidified herself as a mainstage DJ & festival headliner.

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Becky Hill

Hailing from Worcestershire, England, Becky Hill is an English singer/songwriter who has been writing music since the age of 14. She began her musical journey singing in an acoustic rock & soul group Shaking Trees. Hill rose to stardom in 2012 after she made it to the semi-final of the hit TV series The Voice UK. Her mature tone and belting voice is heavily influenced by R&B, and can be recognized after a single note. Last year, Hill was nominated for the BRIT Award for Song of the Year for Remember with David Guetta. Most likely the greatest achievement of her career, she was named Best British Dance Act at the BRIT Awards for the past two years in a row, cementing her as one of dance music’s top vocalists.

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Charlotte de Witte

Belgian DJ and producer Charlotte de Witte is a feminine force to be reckoned with. On an everlasting mission to push the sonic boundaries of electronic dance music, she has paved the way for other female artists to follow. Since breaking into the scene in 2010, de Witte has achieved many career milestones with her signature “dark and stripped-back” techno sound. 2019 was her biggest year yet; she won Best Techno DJ at the DJ Awards, named Best Female Techno Artist at the International Dance Music Awards, and even launched her own label titled, KNTXT.

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Chloé Herry, who goes by the moniker CloZee, is a French producer based in Toulouse. Since her industry debut in 2015, she has reeled in international crowds with her compelling flair. Her music is characterized as world bass and consists of organic, otherworldly sounds inspired by the various cultures she’s frequented across the globe. The core of CloZee’s creativity also draws inspiration from the nature of painting, dreams, and the weather. As a classically-trained guitarist, her music resonates with pure and authentic elements. In 2020, she launched her own imprint called Odyzey Music, where she released her highly anticipated album Neon Jungle.

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Grimes is the definition of versatility. As a Canadian musician, singer/songwriter and producer, her multitude of talents have aided her in becoming one of the industry’s most notable artists. Claire Elise Boucher, the mastermind behind it all, is a purveyor of ethereal sounds and boundary-breaking music. She was born and raised in Vancouver, but moved to Montreal in 2006 to attend McGill University where she began her Grimes project a year later. It would be impossible to classify her under a single genre, for she’s experimented with synthpop, dark wave, and electronic music to name a few. As a proud female in the scene, her lyrics often touch on feminist themes.

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Maya Jane Coles

Born of British and Japanese descent, Maya Jane Coles is a London-based artist who’s been a prominent figure in the scene since 2006. Considered to be a triple threat, she’s a DJ, music producer, and audio engineer all in one. Her journey begins at age 15 when she first started to produce hip hop. But after experiencing underground house music in clubs and warehouses across East London, she found electronic music to be her true calling. Maya’s music is authentically hers; she writes, produces, engineers, arranges, mixes and performs each and every inner-working. To top things off, she’s a prolific remixer who flaunts an impressive catalog of remixes for Depeche Mode, Sia, and even Ella Fitzgerald.

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In addition to the female artists above, be sure to check out the rest of Ultra’s female talent such as A Hundred Drums, GG Magree, JVNA, Nicole Moudaber, VNSSA, Ida Engberg and more!

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