Alleged Serial Wedding Crasher Caught Eating Cake, Stealing Cash At Wedding

Sandra Lynn Henson, 56

Photo: Pontotoc County Sheriff's Department

woman accused of crashing weddings in at least three states was arrested in Mississippi after she was caught eating a piece of wedding cake by the bride's sister.

The Pontotoc Sheriff's Department said that Sandra Lynn Henson, 56, has allegedly crashed weddings in Alabama, Tennessee, and Mississippi, where she stole cash and other gifts.

Henson was busted at the wedding of Lexi Loden and Brady Butler when Lexi's sister, Sandra, returned to the bridal room to fix a bottle for her baby. Inside, she found Henson eating a piece of the wedding cake.

"When Sandra turned around in the bridal room, she was eating a piece of my cake," said Loden Butler, according to NBC News.

After getting caught, Henson tried to deny she had stolen anything, but after continued questions from the family of Lexi and Brady, she admitted to taking $200 and returned it to the family. She begged them not to call the police, saying she didn't want to return to prison.

Henson also had a notebook on her, which listed numerous weddings in the area, which she was allegedly planning to target. She was taken into custody and is facing charges of petit larceny, trespassing, and disturbing the peace. She has since bonded out of jail.

Although Henson crashed her wedding, Lexi said her special day wasn't ruined.

"Did she ruin our day? Absolutely not," Loden Butler said. "The day was about me and Brady getting married, and we had the best day ever."

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