Sean Paul Dishes On Touring, His Fun Facts, Them Genre-Defying Hits + More

In a momentous occasion, Sean Paul, the international music sensation, recently paid a visit to 103.5 KTU for an exclusive interview with DJ Prostyle. Not only did this mark an exciting interview with the reggae icon, but it was also DJ Prostyle's inaugural interview since joining the team!.

As Sean Paul wrapped up his latest tour, he took the time to delve into various aspects of his life, offering listeners a rare glimpse into the man behind the music. The conversation ranged from personal anecdotes to future plans, making it a captivating and insightful session. During the interview, Sean Paul shared some surprising revelations about himself that many fans may not be aware of. He opened up about his unexpected love for country music, showcasing the diverse range of musical influences that has contribute to his unique sound.

One of the most intriguing aspects discussed was Sean Paul's experience during the pandemic. Like many around the world, he found himself adapting to the challenges of lockdown. Sean Paul revealed that he spent a whopping five months without leaving his house, using the time to reflect, recharge, and connect with his passions. In a surprising turn of events, Sean Paul disclosed that he took up farming during the lockdown period. The artist, known for his high-energy performances on stage, shared a more grounded side of himself as he discussed his newfound love for cultivating the land. This revelation added another layer to the multi-faceted personality of the Grammy-winning artist.

The chemistry between Sean Paul and DJ Prostyle was evident throughout the interview, showcasing the longstanding friendship between the two. DJ Prostyle, in his first interview since joining 103.5 KTU, demonstrated his skill in steering the conversation seamlessly and extracting insightful details from the global star. Looking towards the future, the interview also touched upon Sean Paul's plans for 2024. While details remain under wraps, the artist hinted at the possibility of making a grand appearance at our annual KTUPHORIA Concert.

Sean Paul's exclusive interview with DJ Prostyle at 103.5 KTU provided a captivating look into the artist's life, showcasing a more intimate and personal side. As DJ Prostyle kicks off his role at the radio station, this interview sets a high standard for the engaging content that listeners can expect in the future.

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