UPDATE: "Low Roller"

Teressa told us that after countless warnings, Armando just wouldn’t let up. The final act that ultimately lead to his demise is when he waited for Teressa to get off work one night. He waited by her car outside the casino, and wanted to know why she called a radio station and made him look like a “stalker”.

After asking him, "if he thought it was that bad why would you give WORs his consent to air the call?". They went back and fourth, Armando then walked away angry.

The very next day she went to HR and told them the problem. Armando was first suspended while a preliminary investigation took place. Three days after, he was contacted by his superiors and was told he was let go from his employment.

It’s now been months, and she hasn’t heard or seen of him since. We here at WORs continue to check up on her.

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