Global Fusion: Shaggy & Bruce Melodie Speak On 'When She's Around' Collab

In an exclusive interview with DJProstyle, international music sensation Shaggy and African star Bruce Melodie open up about their latest collaboration, 'When She's Around,' which is taking the music scene by storm. The track, already a hit in Africa, showcases the seamless fusion of Caribbean and African vibes, bringing together two musical powerhouses.

Bruce Melodie, known for his chart-topping hits in Rwanda, shares the story behind the collaboration. "The song was already a success in Africa, but I wanted to elevate it to a global level. Shaggy's distinct style and energy were the perfect addition to take 'When She's Around' to new heights."

What makes this collaboration even more remarkable is the unique circumstance under which the record and video were created. Bruce was in Rwanda, and Shaggy was in the United States, showcasing the power of technology and creativity in connecting artists across continents. The duo's commitment to making music that transcends borders is evident in the infectious rhythm and lively visuals of their joint project. Shaggy, who now resides primarily in Miami, sheds light on his musical journey and the influences that have shaped his iconic career.

As Shaggy celebrates a remarkable 30-year milestone in the industry, he reveals exciting plans for the future which includes new records in the works, and hitting the road for some incredible performances.

The conversation takes an unexpected turn as Shaggy reveals the inspiration behind one of his most iconic hits, 'It Wasn't Me.' "Believe it or not, the idea came from watching an Eddie Murphy comedy routine. His storytelling and humor sparked the concept for the song, and it turned into a massive success.

The collaboration between Shaggy and Bruce Melodie not only brings diverse musical influences together but also demonstrates the power of global connectivity in the modern music industry. 'When She's Around' is a testament to the ability of two artists from different corners of the world to create something truly extraordinary.

As Shaggy and Bruce Melodie continue to break musical barriers, fans can look forward to more groundbreaking collaborations, chart-topping hits, and electrifying performances that showcase the universal language of music.

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