Officer Pulls Over Roswell-Bound 'UFO' Driving On Highway

An officer pulls over a 'UFO'

Photo: Crawford County Sheriff's Office, Missouri

A Missouri police officer made an "out of this world" traffic stop last week. The officer spotted a vehicle shaped like a UFO driving down I-44 and pulled it over for a lane violation and having expired out-of-state plates.

The Crawford County Sheriff's Office said the driver was heading to Rosewell, New Mexico, for a UFO festival.

"There was a brief conversation about his out of space, correction, out of state registration, but he assured us that he would take care of that issue when he returned to Krypton. He was also warned about our strict enforcement of warp speed on the interstate and to keep his phasers on stun only while traveling," the sheriff's office wrote on Facebook.

The officer issued the driver a written warning and then posed for a few photos with the spacecraft-shaped vehicle.

"Given the good nature of the driver and the interesting nature of the vehicle, we opted to provide a fun social media post for our community. It was a great interaction, and we wished him safe travels to his destination," Public Information Officer and Undersheriff Major Adam Carnal told Fox News.

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