Cute Subscription Box For Couples

Let's face it. Sometimes relationships can become stagnant which is why we are always trying to figure out new, exciting, fun things to do with our significant other.

Box subscriptions have become more and more popular lately, and I recently came across a box that's targeted toward couples. It's called Bonding Bees.  


This monthly subscription box is packed with activities like games, recipes, food, gifts and more and it offers a unique and memorable dating experience each month that's meant to be shared with your significant other. 

Plus with every box that's purchased, Bonding Bees will sponsor and help children in poverty. They also highlight a couple each month, and if you're chosen, Bonding Bees will donate to charity of the couples choice! 

Follow their page @bondingbees on Instagram to see how cool their boxes are and CLICK HERE to find out more info, and to get started with your new monthly date night! 



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