Sky Katz Details The Time She Rapped For Kanye West

Coming all the way from Melville, Long Island, Sky Katz found herself in the KTU studios with Astra. Last Friday, Katz released her song Saucy and it is a jam! Katz is also currently playing Tess on Raven's Home, the reboot of Disney Channel's That's So Raven series starring Raven Symone. Her character, Tess, is Raven's next door neighbor and best friend's with Raven's daughter. After spilling the details of what a typical week on set looks like, Katz let us in on her celebrity encounter with Kanye West!

"So I was at a record store in L.A. and uhm my uncle brought me and my mom was there and I was looking through vinyls and my uncle comes up to me and says 'Yo that's Kanye over there,' says Katz. At first she didn't believe her uncle but then she continued saying, "So I see Kanye's right there, I run back, I had a J.Cole vinyl in my hand, I run back, put it down, get a Kanye one and then I act like I bumped into him like 'Oh my Gosh this is so cool I was just about to get your record, I'm such a big fan,'" Katz said to the rapper, "We had like a whole conversation, he was the nicest person ever." Katz then revealed to Astra that she told Kanye she loved to rap and asked him if she could rap for him right there in the store and record it. Kanye said yes, but she had to rap to the beat already coming over the loud speakers. Let's just say... she crushed it!

Watch Katz rap it out for Kanye and her entire interview with Astra above and be sure to check out her new song Saucy available now!