Shaggy Says Producing Sting's Vocals is Like Teaching Jesus to Break Bread

While many people may find Shaggy and Sting's announcement that they'll be collaborating on a full album surprising, there are two people who would disagree with you. Those two people are, of course, Shaggy and Sting themselves. Despite coming from vastly different musical backgrounds, the duo have a close friendship in their personal lives. When Shaggy approached Sting with their new single "Don't Make Me Wait," they knew they had to get into the studio ASAP. 

Stepping in to produce music with the legendary Sting, despite his own accomplished career, was a daunting task for Shaggy. While Sting claimed he's always looking to learn from his fellow musicians, Shaggy admitted that producing Sting's vocals was like "teaching Jesus to break bread."


Shaggy and Sting definitely have their own sounds, however, it turns out that these differences lent themselves to the collaboration's success. In the process of creating the album and first single, the duo realized they had a lot in common, as well. Both Shaggy and Sting have deep love for Jamaica. While the island of Jamaica is Shaggy's home, Sting says he wrote the biggest hit of his career there. Their upcoming album 44/876 was recorded there. 

Shaggy and Sting joked that another important thing they have in common is that they both have very strong wives. "We need strong wives," Sting said with a laugh. Shaggy quickly added that they've both had a lot of practice saying "yes m'am."


Their collaboration started out as just one song, however, they quickly decided to expand to a full album. "I recognize a kindred spirit in this man," Sting said of his decision to work on a full length album with Shaggy. We're so glad that these two collaborated. With early predictions that "Don't Make Me Wait" will be the song of summer 2018, it's obvious everybody else is grateful for this collab, too! 

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