Omarosa Wouldn't Vote For Trump Again "in a million years"

Omarosa wouldn't vote for Trump again "in a million years"In her return to reality TV, former Apprentice star and White House aide Omarosa Manigault-Newman says she wouldn't vote for Donald Trump again and says we should be worried.Omarosa had tears in her eyes during a conversation on CBS's Celebrity Big Brother about her time in the White House.  She told fellow houseguest Ross Matthews she felt like she "was serving the country, not serving him".   She says she was 'haunted' by the President's tweets, and that she tried to be a voice of reason to the President but "all the people around him attacked me". Omarosa left the White House in 2017 in somewhat dramatic fashion after Chief of Staff John Kelly reportedly had her escorted from the building.  She was a staunch Trump supporter during his 2016 presidential campaignAre you buying Omarosa's story?  Has she had a true change of heart or is she playing up the drama for the Big Brother cameras?

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