How To Score Free Food on Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is TODAY, but as much as you love your partner, your budget just can't help you show how much you love them. So you have to get crafty, and here are some ideas. If you want to do to dinner, look for date-meal deals. Shop for a gift at a bazaar or talk about getting matching gifts. How about setting the mood right with a free concert by making a playlist of your favorite slow jams that get you in the mood for love. What are some things that you've done to celebrate Valentine's Day while being on a budget?


Panera Bread wants people to get engaged at one of their bakery-cafe's on Valentine's Day. It's probably not the most romantic place unless your first date was there. Panera will make it worth your while if you pop the question at the restaurant tomorrow. If you share the engagement photo on social media with the hashtag #PaneraProposalSweeps, you could win a Panera-catered wedding reception. Five winners will be picked at random and they will receive $2000 worth of wedding catering. You'll have to use it by the end of 2019 and there must be a Panera at least 30 miles away from your venue. What do you think of this idea? It's not bad for an early wedding. Feed people breakfast, brunch or lunch and send them on their way. Would you propose to someone like this just to try and win a contest?

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