Selena Gomez Talks New Music, Writing Process And Her Docuseries On Netflix

Selena Gomez dropped by KTU studio to talk to Carolina and Greg T about new music, her docuseries and to answer questions from fans!

Gomez described her writing process,"If I have a thought or a word I’ll just do it on my notes on my phone. But as far as sitting down and writing we actually just keep the microphone going and we ad lib and start coming up with melody and after that we start figuring out what that vibe is. Sometimes we’ll just scratch it all and start over again. But that’s usually how I work best. I have to feel music before I write."

Gomez also discussed her role as an executive producer on the Netflix docuseries Living Undocumented .“I think for me meeting with people and hearing their stories is how I operate. When they came and they showed me a sizzle reel I immediately jumped on board. I thought it was a beautiful story and I just saw a clip of it. Then they spent a year following these families. And to see it put together, it’s probably one of the proudest moments I’ve had. Because I knew it would come with a lot. I mean, that’s my family and I wouldn’t be here to be honest. So, I’m really grateful we were able to get that out.”

Here are all the fan questions Gomez answered about tour, collaborations, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Aniston and more! 

Are you going to do a tour and if so when?

We haven’t discussed it, so there isn’t a definite answer. But I will say that it’s something that I love doing. It’s something I feel is so important for me to do and I like it. But considering my health and making sure I have the stamina and metal capacity of handling it. And I’m not saying I’ll never do that, of course, but it was hard for me for sure.

Everyone knows you’re close friends with Jennifer Aniston, have you followed her on instagram yet? 

Yeah, 1,000%!

As one of the queens of Instagram, do you have any advice for Jennifer Aniston? 

No. But she’s hysterical, when she was talking about releasing one she would put her glasses on and be scrolling and she’s just like ‘I don't know, I don't understand this’ and it was just so cool because she’s taught me a lot and I love her advice. I didn’t give her advice it was just adorable to watch her do it.

Taylor Swift posted that she’s obsessed with ‘Lose You To Love Me’. Still dying to know when you will collaborate.

I don't know! It’s not that it wasn't a thought. We are always respecting what one another is doing. For instance, having her album come out that’s hers. That’s all hers and I want it to be and it’s the same thing she feels. So I don’t know if we would.

What current male or female artist would you love to collaborate with?


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