Maury Povich Talks New Game and Advice for Cheaters


Maury Povich stopped by the KTU studio to chat with Carolina and Greg T on Carolina With Greg T In The Morning.

Povich is the host of The Maury Show and is the longest running day time talk show host. He became famous for his line "You are not the the father" and is created a board game from this line.

‘The Maury Game: You Are Not The Father’ will be available on Amazon on November 27th, 2019. Povich called the game an adult board game and compared it to Card Against Humanity. He stated it's "a great game with a couple of beers" The premise of the game is to collect all the cards that say "you are not the father" with real quotes from guests on The Maury Show who have tried to explain why they are not the father.

Maury also gave his best advice for cheaters.“Don’t hide your cell phone when you’re sleeping. When you go out alone at night don’t run to the shower. Do not go on any dating website when you have a significant other. And don’t take pictures of you private parts and send them out on the internet."

Watch the whole interview in the video above!

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