'Carolina With Greg T In The Morning' Hot Topic: Attractive Employees

For today’s hot topic Carolina and Greg T discussed places they have gone in the past just because someone attractive was working there.

Carolina admitted, “when I was a single girl and I was living in Hoboken, NJ and there was this special spot called 10th and Willow. They used to have a chicken cheesestake but more importantly there was a hot bartender that used to work there when I was single. So I would try to find any excuse go to this place! I found myself going to this spot all the time because the bartender was attractive and I had a little bit of crush.”

Greg T had a similar story about an ice cream shop, “when I was younger I used to go to this ice cream place called Magnifico's. And I would go to to Magnifico's even on cold days because the girl behind the counter was super super sexy. I would get these butterflies and imagine us going on a date or holding her hand and what it would be like to know her and talk to her. But I couldn’t get the courage to go up to her and say ‘would you like to go on a date’.

Later Carolina read a text from a listener who thinks she might be the girl that Greg T used to have a crush on, “I am the owners daughter Nicole Magnifico just heard Greg T talking about our store, I’m wondering if that girl was me!”

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