Carolina And Greg T Reveal What They Can't Smell Anymore

For today's hot topic Carolina and Greg T discuss scents they can’t smell anymore because of what it reminds them of.

Carolina revealed, “yesterday I saw a meme and it read ‘when you smell a certain kind of alcohol and reminds you of the time you almost died’. So for me it was in high school when James Pipes brought a bottle of Jägermeister to Jennifer Noris’ party. All I remember is waking up on her front lawn the next morning and as I woke up I had mulch in my mouth. I had passed out in front of this girls house. If I smell mulch it reminds me of Jägermeister, if I smell Jägermeister it reminds me of mulch and it makes me want to barf. It’s the worst smell ever! “

Greg T added, “If I put a lot of Frank's Red Hot on my plate it takes me back to when I was in college. If anyone pledged a fraternity you’ll understand what this is, it’s called an elixir. The brothers would take a bunch of things out of the refrigerator and mix it in a blender and then throw Frank's Red Hot in it as well. You would have to drink and pass it down the line of all your pledge brothers. I was the pledge president so I always had to drink the most. It was absolutely the worst!”

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