Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino Revealed How He Stayed Positive In Prison

Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino stopped by KTU studio to talk to Carolina and Greg T.

The Jersey Shore star revealed how he was able to make the best out of his time in prison. "I have a choice right now to accept this, and try to move forward and try to progress anyway that I can. Whether it’s mentally, physically or spiritually. Anyway I can to move forward, because that’s the only way to keep yourself busy. I’ve seen guys in there staring at the wall. You could tell mentally, they were not doing well. When I went in there, I handled every day one day at a time. I chose to rise above and use positivity the whole time. So a lot of guys would be like ‘you know dude, you’re the only person I know smiling in prison right now’ and said ‘I’m making making the best of it. I’m owning up to my past mistakes. I’m turning my L’s into lessons.' And now I have the time to work on losing the weight. In the search for gold, many people miss the silver lining.”

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