Dua Lipa Talks Living In New York, New Album & Getting Mistaken For P!nk

Dua Lipa stopped by KTU today to hang out with Carolina and Greg T and chatted about living in her new album, P!nk and living in New York.

“I kind of wanted to create an album that I felt I wasn’t really hearing that kind of music on the radio. I wanted to go back and touch on my childhood influences and things that have inspired me since I was a kid. Basically, I feel like everything is coming back. So, it’s my way of taking my inspirations and modernizing them and creating something that feels current and new and something that is relatable to my fans today. But also in the hopes that it is something that is timeless and something that could be listened to for years. Like when I go back and listen to my favorite albums like the Nelly Furtado Loose album or Justin Timberlake's Justified and all those albums like Outkast. All those songs and records if they were to come out today exactly the way as they are, they would still translate the same way. So I kind of wanted to touch on that." Lipa also mentioned “Pink is my absolute favorite I am in love with her!”

The pop star is currently living in both New York and London. “I’m between London and New York. New York isn’t so different from London in terms of the energy and the busyness. But I’ve always wanted to live here for a little bit. So before I go on tour I thought I would stay here for a little while and experience it. Hopefully, once I’m done with tour I can figure out a way to spend half my time here and half my time in London...I have more privacy in London. Here it’s a little bit crazy. London is more chill for me so I’m ready to go back at some point."

Click the video above to watch the FULL interview!

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