An Entire Sour Patch Kids Store Is Opening In NYC

If you’ve visited Times Square in New York City, you’ve probably seen specialty chocolate brands like M&Ms and Hershey’s with their own stores. But for the not-so-sweeter of us, get ready for a store devoted to Sour Patch Kids...just in time for the sour candy’s 35th anniversary. The entire store is Sour Patch Kids-themed and besides candy there’s everything from mugs, t-shirts, socks, beach totes and more. Visitors can create their own candy mix, pose with Kids in a full-size yellow taxi and check out the first-of-its kind Sour Patch Kids Sweets Bar. On top of that, classic desserts have been reimagined with sweet and sour flavors of edible cookie dough, cookies, ice cream and smoothies. And yes, with the “world situation” in mind, everyone is playing safe. Find out more here – and if you’re planning to check it out, it’s located at the corner of Bond and Broadway.


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