Britney Spears Doesn't Want Her Dad To Be In Charge Of Her Anymore

Britney Spears listed her demands ahead of Wednesday’s court hearing about her conservatorship. The #FreeBritney crowd will be disappointed.Britney told the judge to permanently remove her father, who she "strongly opposes" as sole conservator. She's fully prepped for protracted legal battle to remove dad. Britney “strongly prefers” the temporary conservator to stay in that position. Jodi Montgomery initially acted as Britney’s health care manager before taking over duties from Jamie Spears.Britney’s lawyers informed the court that Britney has no desire to perform or tour. The Las Vegas residency is kaput. Therefore, the conservatorship ought to enter a new phase focused on budgeting her money and growing her wealth. They asked the judge to appoint a “qualified corporate fiduciary” – a bank -- to oversee her business affairs.


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