Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom Create Song Encouraging Fans To Vote In Person

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom penned a song encouraging fans to get out and vote in person. The song is a little cheesy but does the job of getting the word out that mail-in ballots may not make it in time to be counted by Election Day. "Rise and shine and get to the polls now/"Vote in person, not with a mail-in ballot/"Now's the time to vote in person, person, people of the United States,” sang the proud new parents of a newborn daughter, Daisy. Perry and Bloom captioned the video which was posted to social media, “Mom & dad here reminding you that YOUR VOTE COUNTS” Although Bloom can’t vote due to his residency being in Britain, he did encourage fans to do it for his daughter. Perry had previously endorsed the Biden/Harris ticket and has spoken out on her behalf calling her, “exactly the kind of leader WITH experience we desperately need right now."