Here's What Artists Made The Most Money In 2020

Taylor Swift and Post Malone have topped Billboard's list of the biggest money makers in music for 2020.

The two were the only artists to bring in more than $20-million during the pandemic year in the four categories looked at by the music trade -- streaming, sales, publishing and touring. Swift, at $23.8-million, topped Malone's figure by $600,000. Celine Dion and the Eagles were the only other artists to top $15-million.

•Swift and Malone led a large contingent of high earning pop, hip-hop and R&B artists that also included Billie Eilish (number-five), Drake (number-six), Young Boy Never Broke Again (number-9) and Lil Baby (number-10), The Weeknd (number-11), Eminem (number-14), Lil Uzi Vert (number-15), Da Baby (number-17) and BTS (number-19) in the Top 20. 

•Among classic rock and pop artists, the Eagles beat out Queen (number-seven), The Beatles (number-eight), AC/DC (number-13), Metallica (number-18), Pink Floyd (number-20), Fleetwood Mac (number-29), KISS (number-33), The Rolling Stones (number-34), Billy Joel (number-39) and Aerosmith (number-40).

Luke Combs (number-16) was the top earning country artist, with George Strait (number 26) and Blake Shelton (number-28) the only others in the Top 40.

Billboard's Top 40 2020 earners (in millions) are:

1.Taylor Swift - $23.8

2.Post Malone - $23.2

3.Celine Dion - $17.5

4.Eagles - $16.3

5.Billie Eilish - $14.7

6.Drake - $14.2

7.Queen - $13.2

8.The Beatles - $12.9

9.Young Boy Never Broke Again - $11.9

10.Lil Baby - $11.7

11.The Weeknd - $10.4

12.Aventura - $10.2

13.AC/DC - $10.1

14.Eminem - $9.7

15.Lil Uzi Vert - $9.5

16.Luke Combs - $9.2

17.Da Baby - $9.1

18.Metallica - $9.0

19.BTS - $8.9

20.Pink Floyd - $8.8


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