Ed Sheeran Doesn't Regret Releasing This Song That Wasn't A "Hit"

Ed Sheeran blessed the KTU studios this week by stopping by Carolina With Greg T In The Morning Show for an interview during which he talked about the new album, the reason why we still don't have an Adele and Ed collaboration after all these years of friendship + what's that one song he doesn't regret releasing although it was not a hit which is his track 'Blow' with Bruno Mars and Chris Stapleton + much more.

On the missing Adele collab:
"Well she doesn't collab with anyone. Her thing is so good that you don't want to mess with that."

On 'Blow' track:

"I think because people see my name and Brunos and they go 'oh this is gonna be the pop masterpiece...it's gonna be like Uptown Funk' but that's what we were trying not to do. We want to go and do something like different. I think at some point that song will exist whether it is in like a movie...I think that song will have a life of his own at some point. It just it wasn't what people was expecting."

Despite rumors that his recent positive COVID-19 diagnosis would prevent him from performing on Saturday Night Live, Ed Sheeran hit SNL with upbeat performances from his new album.

It's always such a pleasure to welcome Ed into the studio and our ears. Ed's new album = Equals is out now, "Bad Habits" and "Shivers," have thus far peaked at #2 and #7 on the Billboard Hot 100, respectively.

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