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The Best Friend Test

Being a best friend isn’t just a title. They’re the one who literally knows everything about you. It’s seriously a special bond. These thirteen things are things only true best friends know about each other.

No matter how many typos there are, you can still understand their text messages.

You know their entire family tree.

You know their go-to comfort television show.

You know their pet peeves, even the tiniest ones.

You know when that moment when the night is about to make a turn is.

You know those allergies they won’t admit to even themselves.

You know which seat they prefer to sit on the plane.

You know what piece of jewelry they’ll never take off.

You know whether they’re a beach of pool person.

You know their once-upon-a-time dream MASH outcome.

You know their go-to hangover food order.

You know which ex they’d go back to (even if there were plenty of red flags).

You know what their Sunday brunch vibes are.

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