Taylor Swift Helps Pay Tribute to Mother of Jimmy Fallon

Taylor Swift made a surprise performance on The Tonight Show. She helped honor Jimmy Fallon’s mother by singing “New Year’s Day” with a line that’s especially poignant to him.

Jimmy Fallon returned after a week of bereavement to pay tribute to his mother, Gloria. While choking back tears, Jimmy told the story of how he always remembered how his mom squeezed his hand three times then said, “I love you.” But 10 days ago, at her hospital beside, when he squeezed her hand "I love you," she didn’t squeeze back.

So when Taylor performed “New Year’s Day” at the piano, the studio audience felt chills as she sang the line: “Squeeze your hand three times in the back of the taxi.”

A Tonight Show producer tweeted,  “We hadn't heard 'New Year's Day.' Suddenly she sings the line, 'Squeeze my hand 3 times.' I nearly gasped. Tears. I think everyone in the audience started sobbing.”

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