VIDEO: Guy Gets A Jump Start On Asking Taylor Swift To Prom

It's never too early to start planning for a prom, especially when you want Taylor Swift to be your date.

That's why superfan Dayton Modderman went high-tech to create a video promposal that's been sweeping across YouTube. The clip, set to a medley of Taylor's hits, shows Dayton shooting hoops, reading Reputation magazine and pining for the star. At one point, he looks into the camera and says, “I can’t even describe what the feeling would be if Miss Taylor Swift came to my prom. I can tell you it would be a night filled with dancing and talking about how she is gonna win all the Grammys for Reputation."

The Florida senior told Billboard, “Ever since my freshman year, I’ve wanted Taylor Swift to come to my prom. I’ve seen what she has done with fans, like going to weddings or family parties. I was like, ‘Why not make a video with her songs and ask her to prom?'"

We wish you the best of luck with this Dayton

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