Woman Denied Bringing Her Emotional Support Peacock on Plane

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A woman and her peacock were denied at Newark Airport this week when they tried to board a plane together. Dexter the peacock has his license as an official emotional support animal which normally would be accepted in most places. According to the airline the animal did not meet guidelines for a number of reasons including it's size and weight. Poor Dexter. He even has his own Instagram if you want to follow along in his other adventures!

@kumathedestructor took this great shot of me at #newarkairport today. Spent 6 hours trying to get on my flight to LA 😤🐣 (after following all required protocol) Tomorrow my human friends are going to drive me cross country! Keep an 👁out for us! 🌈 #bestroadtripbuddy #dexterthepeacock

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