VIDEO: Jennifer Lawrence Led “Fly Eagles Fly” Chant on Delta Flight

On Super Bowl Sunday, Jennifer Lawrence led a commercial flight in the “Fly Eagles Fly” chant.

But as soon as she started to recite lines from the Kristen Wiig movie Bridesmaids -- “There’s a colonial woman on the wing” -- the flight attendant yanked away the intercom. HA!!!!!

Which is more astonishing: That J-Law flew Delta and not a private jet? Or that she memorized lines from movies she’s not even in?

On her flight from New Orleans to Los Angeles, Jennifer convinced the attendant to use the intercom. She told the passengers “Everybody, this IS NOT the pilot speaking. This is Jennifer Lawrence. It's Super Bowl Sunday. We all know what that means. Can I please just get a ‘fly, Eagles, fly?’”

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