New York Funeral Home Makes Big Mistake

A New York funeral home has received some stiff criticism after botching four wakes in spectacular fashion.

Four grieving families had scheduled wakes at the Manhattan funeral home on Sunday, and it happened to be a day when only one person was working there. The unlucky employee, who was ultimately taken away in an ambulance after collapsing from the stress of the situation, mixed up the bodies, failed to present some of them on time and, in one case, dressed a body in clothes that were from the family of another deceased person. One family member said, "It was the wrong person with my grandmother’s clothes."

Two families showed up for wakes but the bodies weren't there. They had to wait more than three hours for them to arrive. Another family was paying its respects to a loved one and noticed that no one had wheeled out the casket from the previous wake. One mourner said, "This was probably one of the more horrendous moments I ever experienced in my life."

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