Tiffany Haddish Says Brad Pitt Asked Her Out at the Oscars

Tiffany Haddish scored a date with Brad Pitt... sometime next year.

She told Kelly Ripa how she managed to get Pitt to ask her out. Tiffany said they crossed paths in an elevator,  “Brad said in one year, if he's single and I'm single, we gonna do it! So you know what that means.”

Brad may not have recognized Tiffany. This time last year, nobody knew Tiffany Haddish, so Brad probably said anything to appease a random and ecstatic fan. From his perspective, a pinky-promise to date in a year is pretty harmless.

 Though Tiffany’s already reserved time in her growing schedule. However, she admitted there’s a drawback to dating Brad Pitt,  “He do got seven kids. I don't know if I could deal with a man that's got that many kids.”

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