New York Son To Honor Mom With Parade Float

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A New York comedian wants to honor his mother next month by creating a parade float!

Nick Prueher has made his mother a local celebrity back in his hometown of Stoughton, Wisconsin where she has become known as "Metal Mom" because Nick likes to take pictures of her doing typical mom things while wearing hardcore metal band T-shirts.

On May 20th, the town will hold its annual Syttende Mai parade, which celebrates Norwegian Constitution Day. The parade often features silly floats and costumed characters.

For this year's parade, Nick decided he's going to surprise his mother by creating a large parade balloon of her wearing a metal band T-shirt. The balloon will then be marched along the parade route while blasting metal songs.

Last month, Nick started a GoFundMe (link: page to raise money for the balloon and has already raised more than $1,000. He hopes to raise $7,000.

He says, "It's going to be great but it's going to be expensive. My mom knows about the parade and is totally on board but she has no idea about the balloon or what I have planned for the float. I can’t wait to see her reaction when we unveil it!"


Photo: YouTube

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