Rachel Platten Terribly Messes Up The National Anthem

Rachel Platten flubbed the “Star Spangled Banner.” Three times she forgot the words.

Rachel admitted to People magazine “I’ve tried to retrace steps of what happened. My mind just went blank. I’m having a hard time forgiving myself. It was incredibly, incredibly embarrassing.”

She appeared before a soccer game in Salt Lake City on Saturday. Rachel couldn’t remember what followed the opening line: “Oh say can you see.”

She apologized to the crowd and started a second time. Once again, she froze after singing “Oh say can you see, by the … oh my gosh. I’m so sorry." Rachel pleaded to nobody in particular “Somebody tell me the next line.”

After stalling for a few seconds, she jumped back on the mic to sing the incorrect lyrics “…by the stars early light” and completed the national anthem without another hiccup.

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