Backstreet Boys Dress In Drag & Cover Spice Girls

Backstreet Boys on their most recent party cruise transitioned into the Spice Boys. All five of them slipped on wigs and dresses to sing two Spice Girls songs “Wannabe” and “Spice Up Your Life.”

Nick Carter played Baby Spice, Kevin Richardson was Posh, AJ McLeanbecame Scary Spice, Brian Littrell was Sporty Spice and Howie Dorough took the role of Ginger in dressed styled from the British Flag.

Thousands of fans on board the Carnival Sensation cheered like it was 1999. An eyewitness told Entertainment Tonight “We were surprised how amazing they looked as women -- legs for days. I’m looking at you, Nick Carter! We were sure they must have been practicing walking in those shoes.”

Saturday night on the annual party cruise, the Backstreet Boys sang every song from the Millennium album. They wore throwback all-white costumes. The next night was the 90s’ Party when they took the stage in drag.

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