30-Year-Old NY Man Evicted From Parents' House Defends Himself On CNN

30-year-old Michael Rotondo made headlines this week for refusing to move out of his parents' house, even after they went to court to evict him. On Wednesday, Rotondo went on CNN to make his case.  It didn't go well. Michael told CNN's Brooke Baldwin that he doesn't like living with his parents anymore because it's "very tense, it's very awkward".  He called his parents' attempts to evict him "a tax" and says he wasn't given enough notice to leave.  He told Baldwin "I'm trying to do what's best for me."Asked why he doesn't get a job, Rotondo said he has "plans to be able to provide myself with the income I need" and insists he's trying to move out soon.Rotondo also revealed he lost visitation rights for his son, in part due to not having a job.Baldwin accused Rotondo of being an "entitled" millenial.  Rotondo responded that he's a "very conservative person" while most millenials are "very liberal".

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