Look At This Shirt That Is Sold For $1290

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This is probably the most head-scratching story of the day.Fashion brand Balenciaga has released a T-shirt shirt for their fall 2018 collection.It's a long-sleeved, button-down men's shirt attached to a regular t-shirt. Balenciaga says you can wear the button-down shirt to the front or back depending on the occasion.The best part? The T-shirt shirt costs $1290. Yes, $1290!!!! Social media had a ball tearing this whole idea apart.You should take an old t-shirt and button down shirt and staple them together, put it on and take a picture for social media. Maybe you can auction it off for some good cause...or just throw it away afterwards.

Mainstream Media is still running articles about this $1,290 #Balenciaga “T-Shirt Shirt” Did Balenciaga do this on purpose or does the media have a point? 💭

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