Girl Attacked By Shark While Trying To Get Instagram Photo

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It's summertime, which means bring on the vacation photos. Some people, especially Instagram models will go great lengths to get that perfect shot, but sometimes it's just not worth the risk.Just ask 19-year-old college student and Instagram model, Katarina Zarutskie. Katarina was in the Bahamas and saw a group of nurse sharks. Nurse sharks are notoriously calm compared to other sharks and aren't usually a threat to humans, so Katarina decided to get in the water and float with the sharks for the perfect pic. Unfortunately, one of the sharks was not having it and bit her arm - you can see the whole thing in a series of photos. Luckily she only suffered from some nasty punctures and didn't lose any limbs. People are going great lengths these days for the perfect social media content. 3 YouTubers were just killed while exploring a waterfall. 

#katarinazarutskie was attacked by #shark and bit down on her arm while she was taking pic in the beach. She says she is lucky to have her hand back

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