Reese Witherspoon Is Throwing Ice Cream at Meryl Streep

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So have you seen Reese Witherspoon throwing ice cream at Meryl Streep? If you didn't, you will when the second season of Big Little Lies comes to HBO.The two were filming a scene in L.A. when the ice cream hurl took place, and Meryl seemed to have no clue she was about to get hit.Reese put some of the pictures from the scene on Instagram and fans loved it!The next season premieres on HBO in 2019.Have you watched Big Little Lies? Is there someone you'd like to throw an ice cream cone at?  

NEW|| Meryl and Reese Witherspoon shooting a scene for big little lies in Los Angeles #merylstreep #biglittlelies #reesewitherspoon @reesewitherspoon @hbo 7/31/18

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