Cat Survives Being Stuck in Car Grille for 9 Days

Sharon Stirling had been searching for her cat for over a week when her father found him in the most peculiar place. Stirling’s cat, Jacob was found behind the grille of her father’s Hyundai SUV. Stirling had borrowed her dad’s car for a couple of days and figures that the cat jumped behind the grille while the car was at her house. 

Stirling’s father then took the car on an 80 mile trip up the Scottish coast, but it wasn’t until he was walking out to his car after a shopping trip nine days later, that he noticed the cat behind the grille of his car. Stirling took the car to the dealership where the cat was freed. Jacob was just a little dehydrated and suffered a bruised nose but he was otherwise okay. Where is the strangest place you’ve found your animal?

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