Teacher Donates Kidney To Student

As kids across the country are getting ready to start the new school year, getting back to school will be extra special this year for 12-year-old Kaden Koebcke and his technology teacher William Wilkinson -- who recently donated one of his kidneys to Kaden.

Kaden had been struggling with kidney disease since he was two years old -- and was on the lookout for a donor for many years.

Learning that Kaden’s condition was getting more desperate, William was tested and confirmed to be a match.

The surgery was performed in Atlanta and now, both Kaden and William will need four to six weeks to recover.

But starting the new school year a little bit late is a small price to pay for a big boost in Kaden’s general health.

 When Kaden and William do get back in the classroom, there’s no reason they can’t draw strength from the special bond they now share and get caught up quickly.

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