David Wright's Last Game At Citi Field

July 21, 2004 – the day MLB and the New York Mets brought us David Wright and the day New York changed forever.  David Wright played his entire 14-year MLB career as a New York Met, but little did we all know that at the tender age of 35-years old, it would all come to an end.  On Saturday, September 29, 2018, Captain Wright took the field for the very last time in front of a sold out crowd in Queens and I haven’t heard Citi Field roar like that in a very long time!

The longtime Captain of the Mets franchise surrendered to spinal stenosis, which kept him out of the game since 2016.  Needless to say, Saturday night was an emotional rollercoaster for all.  Fans and players alike really didn’t know how to feel.  Happy? Sad? Excited? Heartbroken?  The night started when David’s parents, Rhon and Elisa Wright took the field with David’s wife, Molly and their two daughters, Olivia and Madison.  Olivia (2-years old) took the mound with her grandfather and as the announcer proclaimed, “Olivia, it’s your pitch” the sweet little girl threw the first pitch out to her father for the last time.  Smiles and tears were brought upon everyone in the stadium at that moment.


Emotions ran high when David came out to 3rd base for the final time.  He waved to the crowd and tipped his cap right before it was time to play ball.  He made it up to bat twice and his final out was a foul-pop up to first baseman of the Miami Marlins.  The Mets took the WIN that night with a final score of 1-0, which took 13 innings.  However, no inning was more meaningful than the fifth.  That was when Mickey Callaway gave Wright the signal.  It was the signal we were all dreading.  The moment David Wright took his final bow.  He embraced every teammate, every coach, and every staffer, with tears welling up in his eyes before making his decent into the clubhouse… but that smile never left his face.

It was a moment to be had for any Met fan out there.  We thank you David Wright for choosing New York and for sticking with us through and through.  You always have and always will be a treasure here and you will be missed tremendously.  Saturday was a sweet end to a painful journey.  We tip our caps to you.  “And your third baseman… David Wright” will never go out of style!


-Intern Nicole <3

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