NYPD Officer Gives Woman Cash So She Can Buy Hamilton Tix

A woman had stood in line for days to get tickets to see "Hamilton" and the wait was almost for nothing! When she finally got the chance to buy her tickets she realized she was short on some cash! The woman was an irish tourist and as she realized her big problem Officer DiCandia from the Times Square Unit was standing close by and handed her a $20 bill! She was so incredibly thankful and was able to buy her tickets! What a dream come true! Several weeks later a thank you note arrived at Mayor Bill DeBlasio's office from Ireland and it read: 

“We were totally overjoyed and beyond grateful when he opened his wallet and just handed us 20 dollars,” the tourist wrote. “My eldest daughter was crying when she was speaking to him. It was without doubt the best night that would not have been possible without Officer DiCandia’s generosity and kindness.”

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