Meet The New York Powerball Winner

In a really smart move, the $343.9 million Powerball prize winner decided to seek out a lawyer and financial advisor before coming forward, but we now know who he is. Robert Bailey has just become New York State's largest jackpot winner after the numbers he's been playing for a quarter century finally hit on October 27th. A retired federal worker, the 67-year-old bought the ticket at West Harlem Deli while ducking the rain as he helped out a friend. Bailey is taking the lump sum payout, receiving $125.3 million after taxes, which he says he will "do the right thing with the money." He plans on traveling and buying his mother a house! While being interviewed he pulled another ticket out of his pocket...yep that's right he said he'll still play the lottery to see if he can win again! Congratulations to Robert Bailey of Harlem! What would you do with $125.3 million?

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