Mariah Carey Reveals Whether She Will Return To The Voice


Mariah Carey joined us in the studio right before Thanksgiving to talk about her new album Caution and her recent appearance on NBC's The Voice

"I loved doing The Voice. Everybody there was so great" says Mariah on her time as a special guest coach on set. "I had the best time with Jennifer, J-Hud, and Kelly, basically everybody was great there. All the people that worked there, behind the scenes really tried to make it comfortable for the contestants and I enjoyed that - I really felt like I could sit back and enjoy their singing and enjoy their experience and just try and help in any little way." One of the contestants even sang a Mariah song in front of her so that must have been such a special moment for the singer. Mariah continues by saying if she were to go to TV she would want it to be in an uplifting environment such as that one. When asked if it would be easier to raise kids while doing something on TV she says, "I think it's having something when your staying in one place that's always easier, but they love traveling." 

Well that may not be a yes from the Hero singer, but I'm not hearing a no are you?! 

Watch her interview with Cubby and Carolina in the Morning in it's entirety above! 

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