Backstreet Boys Explain Why It’s Been 6 Years Since Their Last Album


There is no energy greater than when the Backstreet Boys come into the KTU studios. The boys are back alright and they just released their album DNA which of course we are obsessed with. 

Before heading to their Album Release Party in our iHeartRadio theatre, the Backstreet Boys stopped by to hang out with Cubby and Carolina. DNA just came out last Friday but there is a huge gap between that and their last album In A World Like This which debuted in 2013. We can't help but ask the boys why there was a 6 year waiting period in between albums. 

"We toured that album for two years," explains Howie, "Almost 2 and a half years.." chimes in the other guys, "We never tried to put a time limit on when our records finished," says Howie. "Little by little we kept on experimenting," How continues. He even explains they were toying with the idea of a country record after their success of their feature on God, Your Mama, and Me with Florida Georgia Line. Brian even explains that their Vegas residency is another reason for an album delay. "As good as Vegas has been for us, it kind of got in the way of 'oh next album' you know what I mean?" He continues saying they had originally only signed the Vegas deal for 9 shows but it's continued for 2 years. 

Well now with a Grammy nomination for Don't Go Breaking My Heart, we can't wait to see this album rise on the charts! Watch the full interview with Cubby and Carolina above to hear more about DNA and what the future of the Backstreet Boys looks like. 

Photo: Katherine Tyler for iHeartRadio

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