Cardi B Struts Her Stuff To 'Baby Shark' Song

You thought you were the only one with that “Baby Shark” song stuck in your head? Cardi B posted a video to Instagram where she struts her stuff and lip syncs to the song the little ones just can’t get enough of. So far, the quick clip has racked up over 13 million views and three million likes.

The viral song has landed at number 32 on this week's chart. Even though the song has been out for a while, the track has been powered by the Baby Shark dance challenge and high streaming numbers. The video has over 2.1 billion views on YouTube.

To say Baby Shark is taking over the world might be an understatement! Recently we heard Netflix is developing a series based on the story of baby shark! The show will even be a musical! So that means we have more baby shark songs are on the way!

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