Bebe Rexa's Loves These New York Food Spots

While sitting backstage with Carolina Bermudez at KTUPhoria, Bebe Rexha dished on all her favorite food spots to hit up when she's home in New York.

First on her list was the world famous Denino's Pizzeria located in her beloved Staten Island and which boasts about being a New York landmark and also having some award winning pizza.

Lee's Tavern also located in Staten Island was too one her picks and she gave us the item we surely need to order when we hit up this spot. "They have a fried calamari but in buffalo sauce and you dip it in blue cheese...amazing like to die for!" she says about the food item.

Bebe also tells us that she loves The Burger Bistro which is located in Brooklyn and is owned by friends John and Vincent who are expert veterans of New York City's fast-paced restaurant industry.  "They have fried tater tots and they also throw in buffalo sauce and hey take crumbled blue cheese and they shave celery on it and it's so good" she says about what she enjoys there.

Pronto Pizza which has locations all over her home borough of Staten Island also got thrown in the mix!

Check out Bebe's full interview with Carolina below:

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