Bebe Rexha Is Most Excited To Meet Sophie Turner During Jonas Brothers Tour

Before blessing the KTUPhoria stage, Bebe Rexha pulled up to our backstage interview lounge to chat with Carolina Bermudez and the two go right into it discussing Bebe posting that super real paparazzi pic of herself on Instagram, what she's most excited about when she goes on tour with the Jonas Brothers and the one celebrity she was too star-truck to even say hello to 😫

When asked why she posted all that realness of a store-run paparazzi photo of herself on Instagram earlier this week Bebe says that she did it simply because we "sometimes we fall out of touch" with ourselves.

About her upcoming touring with the Jonas Brother she revealed that she's most excited to meet one of the Mrs. Jonas ladies! "I just started watching 'Game of Thrones and I'm obsessed with it! I'm obsessed with Sophie Turner…that’s what I’m most excited about" she says. BTW: Bebe also has tons of love for the guys and says "they’re really awesome and really nice.”

When asked to send a message to all the girls trying to keep it together in this stressful world, she say that she too "feel pressure in every aspect" of her life. "Life is tough but as long as your bettering yourself and stay focused" they'll be OK during this constant journey.

The one artist that left her stumped and pretty much star-struck? "Lauryn Hill! I couldn’t talk to her, I got too nervous. They’re like legends" she says about that one time she had the chance to meet Lauryn.

Bebe also dished on all her favorite food spots to hit when she's in New York which included Denino's Pizzeria, Tommy's Tavern and Burger Bistro. Click here to find out which items she orders from these spots.

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