#KTUphoria is back!

#KTUphoria is back!

KTUphoria is back Saturday June 17th 2023


Becky G Hints At BTS Collaboration: "We Definitely Connected"

Luly y Lala had the pleasure of sitting down with the amazing Becky G backstage at KTUPhoria and she left us shook to the core after she revealed that she fully hopes collaborate with BTS.

Becky G:

"We might have a little something-something…we definitely connected. I was freaking out, is this really happening? We're doing it for the music, we’re just mixing it up. Hopefully when things line up time wise we will make this happen."

Becky also opened up about working with Latin superstars such as Maluma, Bad Bunny and Anitta. "It actually makes me really proud. In the latin world it’s very family style, we root for each other" she tells the twins. "Of course the labels get involved, but it’s very personal for us."

When asked about how she feels about linking up with Salsa King, Marc Anthony, to hit the road together on his 'Opus' tour, Becky says that their practically like family now. "Growing up me and my whole family would play Marc and now he calls me to ask about music advice and to get lunch. It’s pretty awesome" she says.

About doing the Spanish version of the Aladdin single 'Un Mundo Ideal' with Zayn Malik, Becky says that they didn't record together and that it was quite a struggle for her to find time to even do the song. "I was in LA for less than 24 hours, and I said I have to be a part of this! I’m so happy" she says about getting the song done.

While she loves all things Disney, Becky says she mostly connected with the movies which star "brown girls" like herself. "Jasmin, Pocahontas, Mulan, the ones I can identify with cultural speaking and the way they looked" she says about which Disney movies she loves most.

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