Bryce Vine Reacts To Birthday Surprise At KTUphoria

Bryce Vine KILLED it performing at KTUphoria. His performance included his new song "La La Land" ft. YG and his hit "Drew Barrymore."

Not only did Vine do an amazing job, but his KTUphoria set went down on his 31st birthday nonetheless! After his performance, Carolina Bermudez surprised him backstage with a special birthday cake from Baskin Robbins!

“My birthday is usually my least turn up day," Vine said. "I gotta get ready for what’s next, which is everyone telling me I’m too old to do stupid stuff (Laughs).”

Regarding "La La Land," Vine said he and a friend began writing the song while talking about "the crazy conversations you have in L.A."

"I write things that I go through," Vine continued. "I write my own therapy. ...It's funny how things come full circle. The number one thing I hear from my fans is that my music makes them feel better."

The singer/rapper from NYC started his music career is 2011 when he auditioned for The Glee Project. He continued on to sign with record label, Kiva House Lambroza, and released his first EP Lazy Fair.

On Friday, June 7th Vine went public with his upcoming tour dates. His debut album will be released on July 26th.

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