The Chainsmokers' Tease Massive Tour With 5SOS At KTUphoria

The Chainsmokers came to KTUphoria ready to bring it, and they say what we saw Saturday night is only the beginning!

Drew Tarver and Alex Pall say they are taking all summer to ramp up their live show for their fall tour of North America.

"We're playing here October [17] at Barclays Center," Tarver told Sean "Hollywood" Hamilton backstage at KTUphoria. "It's gonna be our full production. ...We go to Europe [in July] to do, like, dry runs of our stuff."

When they bring the show back to New York, it'll be big, they promise.

Chainsmokers are fresh off the release of their new song with Bebe Rexha, "Call You Mine." The hit music video for the song was shot in reverse.

"[We] watched it forwards first," Pall joked, "and it wasn't very good, so we made it backwards."

Check out the full KTUphoria interview above!

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